Friday, October 1, 2010

Teachers Rock!!!! and I Need To Get On A Roll!!!!

Today was dress like a
day at my school.
I must admit, that I truly enjoyed
my pink streaked hair
black nail polish
goth make-up
tattoo sleeves
It was fun!!!!!
The kids got a kick out of it too.
I had a student come up to me and say,
"What happened to you?"
My comment was,
"What, this I what I look like on the weekend."
She replied with a horrified look
crossing her chest in the sign of the cross,
"Heaven help your soul."
The above picture reminded me of something
that happened earlier this month.
At the beginning of September
there was a Health Fair at my school
for all the employees.
The kind of health fair where they
weigh you
check your BMI
do a few blood tests
administer flu shots.
They always hold our health fair in the library.
Pretty close quarters for
semi-personal information.
As I was analyzed by a nurse
with a line of my colleagues waiting behind me
within earshot
I was told the following,
your BMI is way to high
you are
you are 31
and your body is as strong as it ever will be
(basically, its all down hill from here, so its now or never!!!!)
I glanced around to see who heard
my great assessment
and grabbed a chocolate donut
--- Just Kidding---
I didn't grab a chocolate donut
I felt like I wanted to puke
Seeing the picture above reminded me of this.
Now the weather is not so stinkin' hot
I am ready to get out
get my body stronger
and lose the obscene spare tire around my middle
it's true I HATE getting my picture taken
its true I have very bad body image issues
but its also true that i need to start taking care of myself.
I am not getting any younger.
I want to be a rock star and I need to get in shape
--guess I could have said all that in one sentence.
P.S. A big hug for the lady at church who told me I looked beautiful
Don't ya just love compliments???


Amanda said...

YOu look AWESOME! Rock out GIRL:)

and you ARE beautiful!

Janie said...

you are very, very pretty - for real. and I hate health fairs.

couch to 5k? whatcha think?

My name is Andrea said...

I'll couch to 5k it with you and Janie!!

Hee hee hee, I'll be FORTY-one this month...I guess I peaked 10 years ago and there is no use trying?? :)

Janette said...

You always look beautiful. And, I will do couch to 5k ... I've heard about it.

ps- my Dad told me the same thing years ago ... speaking of himself. He used to be a heavy dude and a friend told him, "You better get that off before you turn 30 ..." So, he did. Now he runs marathons. I'm trying to be like him. AND, once I got into it, it was no longer about looks and all about how good I feel. Call me anytime I can come run, walk, chat, eat pancakes, etc. with you. I miss you! xoxo.

Janette said...

And, for the record, I don't want to be a rockstar ... 'I want to be a billionaire ... so freakin' bad.'


Bethanne said...

I think you ARE a rockstar. And you ARE beautiful. Sure every one of us should probably be working out more. They told Dan at his health fair (don't tell him I told you - haha) that he had to look out for everything: high cholesterol, WAY over weight, etc., etc. I thought he was going to puke too when he came home. We talked about it over a bowl of ice cream. JK I just don't go to health fairs for that reason...