Sunday, December 5, 2010

Got This In The Mail Today. . .

We were supposed to be taking a nap after church today.
Dylan and I were talking and laughing,
not thinking about the little girl upstairs.
Suddenly, I hear rustling of paper
and we see a note slide under the door.
This is what we found. We giggled some more. . .
glad we were just talking and her note wasn't referring to something else :o)
It worked.
Within minutes we were quiet and sleeping.
When we got up from our nap,
Claire was waiting paitently.
The first words out of her mouth?
"Did you get my note?"
Man I love that kid.
She makes me smile daily.


Erin said...

That is funny! And I like the festive colors! Isn't it nice to take a Sunday nap again?

Amanda said...

classic....So cute;) I wish I could take a Sunday nap.....maybe in a few years....

kira lee said...

haha, oh claire!!! i agree, i wish i could take a sunday nap!