Saturday, February 12, 2011

Feb {12 of 12}

{click to enlarge}

1. I love waking up to that happy face.
2. Finishing up my valentines
3. Claire singing in the back seat with her shoes off and feet on top of the passengers seat.
4. More singing. The only way I can get her to happily run errands with me is to give her control of my ipod.
5. Big chested dragon/lion Claire thought was funny.
6. My Saturday chore that takes up sooooooo much time. Planning meals, making a list, shopping, cleaning out the old and putting away the new. Ugh!
7. Claire riding to the neighbor's house with just enough daylight to play for an hour.
8. Sun setting on my porch. So glad to have weather in the 60's today!!!
9. My dad (the devil) texted me for the 1st time EVER today!!!!
10. Self Portrait
11. Amazing sunset on the way to get Claire from the neighbors
12. Muddy shoes, every mother's perfect ending to a day :0)


kira lee said...

haha dad texted me {and dave} for the first time ever too, someone must have taught him how!

Lee said...

Looks like a wonderful and full day!

Jill said...

Your Valentines look way cute.

Kimberlee said...

I agree. Your Valentines look adorable. And I lol at the devil checking up on you.

Miranda said...

Dude. So I'm reading about the chore of meal planning etc. and thinking, "I know, right?" Why does that take so blasted long?

Those Valentines are super hip.

noisy penguin said...

Your valentines? They're super awesome. Just so you know.

amy gretchen said...

your Saturdays sound a lot like mine. Did you love the awesome spring like weather? great day!

ash said...

I love you 12 on 12 stuff, what a fun idea. It is great to read your blog and see what you three are up to. I was just driving by your first apartment the other day and remembering how much I love you guys!!!