Wednesday, February 2, 2011

fUnKy FrUiT {F.H.E.}

At work I am participating in a {A.M.P.} it up challenge.
Teams have been formed, money pooled and LBS have been lost :D
Each week we participate in little challenges to earn more points.
This week for our challenge we were to try
4 {NEW} fruits or vegetables.
I told Dylan and Claire about
this weeks challenge
Monday evening during dinner
and we decided for our
activity we would venture to KROGER
and each pick a fruit or vegetable
that we had not eaten before.
You can see what we came up with. Claire kept an account of what she found with each fruit.
Notice {KUMQUAT} is not on her paper.
A few of them we had to GOOGLE the proper way to eat.
When she watched the video on how to eat a {KUMQUAT}
she literally ran from the room screaming,
She did try everything else
pretty good for a picky six year old.

My take on the FuNkY FrUiTs:
Asian Pear/Apple- crunchy like a crisp apple and very grainy like a pear.
Sweet and bitter at the same time.
Papaya- Sweet with a hint of a piney taste.
Guava- A little bitter and a little sweet, very different from Guava sno cone flavoring :D
Kumquat- you pop the whole thing in your mouth and no swallowing until you have chewed the whole thing up completely. It tastes like eating an orange rind. I don't know why people rave about these. Not my thing.


Amanda said...

fun experiment!

Janie said...

Hey I've had all of those :)

kira lee said...

how fun! eating healthy really can be an adventure!