Sunday, March 13, 2011

{12of12} MARCH

I was so happy that my {12of12} landed on a Saturday again, SPRING BREAK SATURDAY!!!!
  1. I kicked off the beginning of my spring break SLEEPING IN :0)
  2. Claire and I cuddled and played in my bed for almost an hour-- DIVINE!!!!!
  4. Playing with squinkies
  5. My crazy girl getting ready to head out for our Saturday errands
  6. The lucky leprechaun that danced out the back window during our errands-- made me smile all day
  7. Coming home from errands and my amazing hubby had got home before me and cleaned up. . . love that guy!!!
  9. Claire playing dead while we finished eating
  10. MMMMMM! If you haven't had a burrito dipped in BBQ sauce, you are missing bliss.
  11. Cute sweet shop
  12. Sweetly ending the PERFECT day.

Enjoy your spring break!!!!! We will be here :0)


Lee said...

What a wonderful day! I could eat those raspberries right off the screen :)

Anonymous said...

Love your 12of12s. Pray tell where is said sweet shop. Those cake stands are to die for! And I can't bake to save my life!

amy gretchen said...

Love a Saturday where you can sleep in.
Squinkies are big around here too.
Definitely a sweet end!