Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April {12 of 12}

  1. On my way to work. Running behind. . .AGAIN!

  2. Waiting at the light. Oh, how I ♥ rush hour.

  3. The field that makes me smile on my way to work every morning.

  4. Finishing up the Civil War and Reconstruction this week.

  5. Where I spend most of my day.

  6. My pen cup. I like to keep it FULL!!! I'm kinda OCD about it.

  7. To do list for the day.

  8. Sunset at Claire's school.

  9. Claire, exhausted on the way home.

  10. We came home to find our Iris had bloomed

  11. While taking the pic of the Iris (with my work clothes still on) I managed to step in an invisible mud hole. :(

  12. The Dahlia's I planted last week. Spring flowers make me happy.

I ♥ Spring in TEXAS!!!!


Kimberlee said...

Dang the mud on your shoe and foot, but at least your pink toenails are a-dor-able!

Amanda said...

great pictures:) great post:)

Janie said...

love the muddy peep holes. - we should have taken a picture of the dudes scaring the crap out of us on our late night walk!!!