Monday, June 18, 2012

A New Adventure

We finally have settled into our new place. The first week was tough, but now Claire has arrived things are starting to feel somewhat normal.
Moving from my nice house to a dinky apartment has been humbling, I just have to keep reminding myself that we are here for a reason. I may not understand what that reason is yet, but I do know I need to be here.
I quickly realized that we were living a very sheltered life in Frisco; living and going to church in a place where everyone is just about the same. There is a certain sense of comfort in that. Here there are so many unknowns. We are adapting and will continue to.
A few positives. . .
The pool is literally 50 steps from our front door.
There is a place to work out almost 55 steps from the front door. (I've worked out more in the last two weeks than I had in the last two years.)
Smaller area to keep clean.
We got rid of a significant amount of debt by moving.
Claire has such a positive attitude about everything . . .
She loves that she has French doors to her bedroom
She loves that we have a balcony
She loves that we live in an apartment and it doesn't even feel small to her.
She loves that primary is so small (14 kids )
My plan is to keep focussing on the positives. . . And enjoy this little adventure.


kira lee said...

i wish i had french doors to my bedroom!

Sarah said...

Even if they are tiny French doors and you couldn't walk into your room without running into your bed?

ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

It was so hard to me to leave a nice house in Vegas and move to an apt in Cali. But you are right, it's meant to be and you will see why. Good luck in your new adventures! It will be lots of fun.

Kendra said...

14 kids! So.awesome. Yay for Claire seeing the bright side of life :)

Lisa said...

You have a great attitude!

Eve Stein said...

My family have always lived in houses and I had never lived in an apartment until about 3 years ago - and it was a bit of an adjustment. It wasn't bad, it was just very different than what I was used to, but I LOVED not having to worry about maintenance problems or cleaning a large space! It was actually quite wonderful. Now we are renting a small house - no worries about having to fix things if they break, but a little more space to move around in than in the apartment. ;)

We've always moved about, and it's only recently that we've started wondering if it's time to put down some roots (although we are still struggling to imagine that THIS is where we are supposed to put them), but like you said - we are here for a reason (we just don't know what it is yet).

Enjoy your beautiful pool - that looks like a lot of fun - and your new community! We always love meeting new people each time we move somewhere, but it does take some time to make friends... it will happen. Hang in there! :D