Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Don't Know What To Think

Okay, I have to admit something. Me, the woman who feels so strongly about our political system, is at a loss of who to vote for this race??? Okay, now I know half of you are cursing me out. Usually, I know who and what I want from the get go, and for some reason I am so confused this time. So I must lay my feelings out on the table.

I grew up a staunch republican in the great state of Idaho with our four electoral votes that usually did not warrant a candidate ever visiting our state. I did grow up however still believing that every vote counts. Hey, I am a social studies teacher. What do you expect? So, being a Mormon I feel that its just a given that I will vote for Romeny.

Unfortunately, I don't have a strong pull that way. I don't have a strong pull any way. True, the more educated I have become the more liberal my thinking, so I am more or less moderate in my views. I feel that the Republican Party has shot itself in the foot for the last eight years, and no matter the candidate they don't stand a chance.

I don't like Clinton, I think she just says what she thinks people wants to hear, and she has too many people she owes favors. I don't think Obama has anything great to offer either. So, here I am in a quandry. Wondering who? I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have even considered just not voting. That goes against everything I believe, but i feel that our country is in a strange place right now. Values and virtues are being tossed out the window, our economy is worse than depression times, inflation is out of control, and we are fighting a war that has little support. I know this sounds so gloom and doom, and that is a little how I am feeling. I really feel lost!!

Now, I know all of you have feelings regarding this, so please nicely inform me!!! Help me out of this mist of darkness.


My name is Andrea said...

Voting for Romney just because he is LDS is as silly as voting for Hilary because she is a woman or Obama because he is black. So, no I don't think you are any different than most of us. I agree partially with several of the candidates, have problems with some of their morals, am not convinced that I love any of them. I have strong feelings about the direction our country is going, not sure if we can trust government to fix it, not sure we should. Americans need to take more responsibilty, which we never will because it is easier to blame. Hate the healthcare system, not sure why we are in Iraq, not sure we should leave...I think we are all confused (and i have a Polisci degree...)

brianne said...

I agree. Apparently a lot of others do too since it's such a close race between so many candidates (at least for the Republicans). I also agree that whoever ends up winning the Republican nomination doesn't really stand a chance based on the past 8 years. Personally, I'd love to see if Romney could do what he says he can, and at least I know I can trust his morals. We definitely need a better health care system and someone who can really change things up in Washington. It'll be interesting, that's for sure.

Ryann said...

It is such a toss up. Although the race is wide open, I do really feel that people will pick the lesser of two evils and go republican. I just feel that the leading democrat candidates would be so awful for the country. And really are the American people ready to elect a woman or a black man to the presidency? I am really hoping no.

As for me, I really like McCain. I read his autobiography many years ago and I just feel that he has the best character of all of the candidates-including Mormon Romney. But we'll see. It is still a long way to November!

Janette said...

I hear you! I just picked the candidate that I disaggreed the least with. As for the past 8 years ... I felt the same way, until I started researching Bush.

His first 4 years were wonderful. I can't imagine another president (especially not GORE!) that could have handled 911 with such grace. And he did the right thing by invading the Middle East. I read a quote from him that said we weren't invading their countries just to revenge 911, but that we had a responsibility to the rest of the world to change the thinking of Islamic Ghihad. The Islamic population is currently the fasting growing (by a mile) and for whatever reason, they are breeding hate filled generation after the next. Bush sees the BIG picture. He sees 20 years from now when our world is 1/2 Islamic populated and the terrorism is worse because no one put their foot down and stopped it. By then, they could, VERY EASILY, divide and conquer just about any nation they wanted because their numbers will be enormous, their thinking irrational, and they're very willing to blow themselves up for their cause.

Obviously, not all of the Islamic population is radical, but there is a serious trend, and they are perpetuating the outcome. I commend any president who is willing to sacrifice their popularity and entire presidency, solely because they see the big picture ... 20/30/40 years from now. (Think 2nd Coming prophecies) There is no doubt that Bush has been inspired ... in my opinion. The only thing I wish he would have done better, is after his 2nd term election, he should have REALLY gone to town with Iraq. Showed them who was boss. Taken charge better. But then again, it's easy to judge when I'm not in the hot seat.

Oh, and it's also important to remember that each president is reaping the benefits/consequences of the previous administration. So ... Bush has been picking up the pieces that Clinton left behind while he did absolutely NOTHING for 8 years ... besides Monica, that is. aahahahahhaah

So ... I guess I came to my conclusion because I agree with 90% of Mitt's views. I'm actually a supporter of amnesty, so we disagree on that one. But ... maybe if he teamed up with Giuliani, the whole amnesty thing would happen. lol. Plus, I went to BYU with Mitt's youngest son, and he really is everything he appears to be. That's one very solid family. Yes, I'm a freak.

Janette said...

Oh, and I tagged you ... check my blog. lol.

Practically Perfect In Every Way said...

i'm going go get nailed for being a democrat aren't i?

i believe hilary has always cared about healthcare reform, just no one would let her do anything because she was the president's wife. i think our country thrived under the last clinton (minus scandal) and love the idea that hilary's husband has already had the job. i feel like we would get double for our money and we need all we can get. i want out of the middle east and all our kids home.

my humble opinion, i know hilary isn't popular with a lot of people but i love her and pray for her.

Sarah said...

I have to say that I never said that I did not support Bush. I too have watched and read biographies on this man and have been impressed. Any man that can forsake alcoholism for his the sake of his family is a pretty strong guy morally. Yes, there have been mistakes, but I also believe that any man chosen to lead this country at this time must have some inspiration from God. I think society forgets that he is just a man.

PPIEW~ I agree with you about Hilary and healthcare. That has been her stand forever, and our country does need that. And President Clinton minus the scandals really knew how to manipulate economics for the benefit of our country. One thing I don't think Bush has really understood.

Andrea, Brianne & Janette~ In no way would I ever vote for Romney just because he was Mormon. The more I study him, the more I like him, I really think he has the most leadership experience.

Ryann~ All I know about McCain is that sometimes he tends to flip-flop he goes from extreme Republican and then more moderate and then back again. I want a person that will stick to their guns when it comes to the fate of our country. But, I have to admit that I do need to study McCain more. I do have a deep appreciation for his service to our country.

Janette said...

Girl, I'm not thinkin' that you aren't supportin', lol. I do think that we will look back one day and see Bush for who he was ... I never would have imagined that Clinton could have made a comeback after Monica. Miracles happen.