Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jury Duty

Dylan had jury duty last week. I was so jealous. Seriously, I am like the old lady wearing pink in the cartoon. I like voting and would love jury duty. I love being a citizen of this country. Enough about me,back to jury duty. Dylan lucked out and got picked. The accused plead guilty so all the jury had to do was sentencing. He was there a half day Monday, whole day Tuesday and a half day Wednesday. Not bad at all. The thing that impressed me most was that since then we have recieved two letters, one from the District Attorney and one from the Judge thanking Dylan for his service. While I know this is a standard form letter, I still think its pretty cool that they actually take the time to thank people for their service. That doesn't happened very often anymore.

When we lived in Idaho, jury duty was a month long, and there is no way you would ever recieve a thank you letter at the end. Here it's only a week and you are actually treated like a responsible human being. Some things definately are better in Texas.

(Dylan's thoughts on the whole ordeal: He was for the more severe sentence, but then when it was handed down he did feel a little bad for putting some one in prison for four years.)


Janette said...

I hated jury duty. Then again, I was working as a nanny putting Gary through school and the $6/day was a major set back. lol.

Janie said...

I have ALWAYS wanted jury duty - I got it here and was THRILLED - I went to a crowded room with grumpy people for over an hour then they sent us home - there was a mistrial or something and they didn't need us anyway - I was so bummed!