Thursday, January 17, 2008

What Does This Tell You About Society?

After watching American Idol and realizing the freaks in Dallas, I wondered to myself and to Dyaln, "Why do people do that?" Do people really think they are good. I love to sing, but I also know that I am not good enough to ever try anything like that. How can you not know, wouldn't the people around you be honest enough to tell you?

There were some really weird people, but this was hands down the funniest. I was singing the song when I got in bed last night. Dylan had to tell me to shut up.

Simon, heaven's chosen, who gives anyone advice free of charge? Oh, brother.


My name is Andrea said...

My favorite was "Simon is Heaven sent...he give chance to any talent for free of charge!" Maris and I were watching hard to see if any of those freaks came from Frisco or McKinney! All in all, I think the DFW area looked like a bunch of weirdos! :)

Sarah said...

Yeah, thats what I thought

Janette said...

That guy was hilarious ... so was the girl with the husband who was a model and he kept saying he'd buy her music. She was HORRIBLE, but come on. He should have told her not to go. lol.