Monday, January 14, 2008

You Will Be Missed

We said good-bye yesterday to Aunt Ya-Ya. We had so much fun and were sad to see her go. I truly enjoyed a week of listening to Claire laughing and snorting at peek-a-boo with her feet. (Something Kira used to do with Claire when she was a baby and Claire still laughs her head off.)
Claire talking Kira's ear off instead of mine and having someone to share Jane Eyre with. I also enjoyed spending the week with someone skinny, because when we went shopping I had the courage to go in all the stores I've always wanted to go in, but knew I had no right even considering entering. Kira tried on the cutest $88.00 jeans. Good thing someone with a level-head was there.
Sisters are great and I have been so blessed to have two. Now it's Aunt Ki-Ki's turn.


kira lee said...

i really wish i could have you as my personal shopping companion--you talked me into tring things on i normally wouldn't and you were the voice of reason.
i had a blast the whole week!!!

luke & misty meldrum family said...

How sad your sister had to leave. I love hanging out with my sister too. Thanks for the offer of walking. My problem is I am not a morning person and Max and I don't get up until 8:30. I know I am blessed to have him sleep in as late as he does. So then I don't get motivated to get out of the house until later, then depending on if he takes one or two naps I decide when to work out at the gym. I hope you can find someone with your same schedule. Mist

Janette said...

Dude, Sarah ... you can go in any store you want! I hope you were joking. $88? I can't remember the last time I spent that much on anything that didn't have a cord with a plug on the end of it. lol.

My name is Andrea said...

K, I bought some jeans at the gap outlet in allen for $6.00. They are too small, but hey, they were 6 bucks!! and they might fit me someday! :) I'm so sorry your sister left, and happy she came to see you. And if we go shopping, you wouldn't have to talk me out of $88 jeans!

Sarah said...

my mantra when shopping is, If you don't feel comfortable in it, meaning if there is something that bugs you about it, don't buy. No matter how cheap it is don't buy if you don't love it!!! I am sure Kira was sick of hearing that by the time we were done.