Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Blogging Sabbatical

I have decided to take a short blogging sabbatical. Mostly because I am a blabbermouth and need a moment of silence. I will be back next week in full force.


MissLissa said...

Sarah, I really hope this isn't my fault! Sorry if my comment at church caused any problems. ~Melissa

Janette said...

I'm laughing out loud ... a blog about not blogging. Just embrace it. You're a blogger. And it's cheap therapy. And it keeps you from spending your time gossiping on the phone. Not that you gossip on the phone ... but, you know.

When I first started my whole online gallery/ebay store/internation artist whatever you want to call it, I kind of went into a depression. It just gets lonely during the day. So, I applied to join a small group of "elite" artists on eBay. They actually looked at my work and decided if I was "good" enough to join their group. That process is called "juried". Anyway. We had a keyword tag, we pitched in for advertising fees, we promoted eachother, etc. But most of all, we chatted in a group chat room about CRAP! everything under the sun. Everything that had absolutely nothing to do with art. They saw me through my entire pregnancy. Outside my fam and ultra close friends, they were the only ones who knew about the drama of my pregnancy. They (all 5 of them) pitched in and bought me a jog stroller as a baby gift. We threw out the leader of the group for copyright infringement. We had drama. LOTS of drama. We got crap from other less prolific, less fortunate artists who didn't sell well. ETC. You name it, we went through it.

And then eBay decided to open up new markets internationally ... which opened up all sorts of trouble for copyright laws. The Chinese were reproducing our work faster than we could get it listed. And selling it for 99 cents. And eBay didn't charge China listing fees because they wanted to offer incentive to list on eBay, etc. So ... needless to say, we all suffered. We went from selling our work for $500-600 a painting to $150 if we were lucky. Out of the 6 of us, only one of us is still selling actively. And I'm so glad that I have a blog now because I would go crazy without some sort of human outlet. The group is still there, but no one talks anymore. Everyone has found other jobs, other things, etc.

So, now I blog. Because I can't afford a shrink at $250/hour. And heaven knows I'd need one. And now you will too, after reading all of this.

Bottom line: I'll miss your blogs this week. I need them. Because I have problems. Serious problems. Amen.

And I'm not spell checking this, so if Bree, the spell check queen happens to read this ... I hope we can still be friends. Double Amen.

My name is Andrea said...

What am I going to do all day if you don't post??? Don't go, Sarah! Don't go!!

kira lee said...

have a good week off!!!

Janie said...

How nice to announce I just disappear for a while - till my family threatens me

Chella said...

Really? I'm going to have 'piece of rager mind' withdrawls!

Stay cute and cool! (I just had to say that) ;)

My name is Andrea said...

Just checkin' to see if you changed your mind.

Bree said...


I'm so glad I didn't notice you at Home Depot! After a long day of painting my PJ's were covered in paint, no makeup on, piggy tails and some mad B.O. - I would have been so embarrassed! I was just buying the extra quart to finish the job. (I guess that's what I get for going out in public looking like a weasel!)