Sunday, February 10, 2008

You Thought Your Purse Was Bad

Thank you to cousin Mary for the tag. The contents of my purse, drum roll please. . . .
In no particular order:

1. Wallet
2. Last weeks grocery list
3. Reciepts, upon reciepts, and reciepts with important notes scrawled on the back.
4. A moist towlette I stole from a restaraunt how long ago?
5. Last years voter registration card, better toss that one and put this years in.
6. Claire's immunization card.
7. Target coupon book
8. Keys
9. Savings account register?????
10. Old pack of gum I didn't know that I had (the purple Trident)

Then there's the purse within my purse, this is a new thing I started a couple weeks ago and I love it.
1. Hand sanitizer
2. Claire's gum (Extra bubblebum flavor)
3. My gum (Orbit Citrus Mint)
4. 8 pens and pencils
5. 3 Lip gloss
6. 1 Carmex
7. Calculator

Okay that was rediculus! Now I would like Janette, Rochelle, Brianne, Brianna, Andrea (you better do this :D), Janie, Haley, oh and anyone else who is reading this, ladies, your purses please. I don't normally tag people so consider yourself lucky on this one.


Brianna said...

Ah bloody. I am the worst tagger in tagland. In fact, I think I'm like 4 behind already. Ok... I will do it- but I can't promise it will be this year. ;)

Janette said...

Sarah, you seriously want to see what's in my diaper bag? I don't carry a purse. You know there's tons of food in there. lol.