Saturday, February 2, 2008

I Graduated!

Okay, after seeing everyone's posts about putting their craft rooms together; I started feeling guilty for my stash of scrapbook stuff UNDER the family room couch. So, today I stole the game cabinet. I rearranged all the linen closets and found a home for all the games. In turn, I finally found a spot just for me. The best part is that it is next to the kitchen table. Yeah, now I finally have a place to call home and don't have to craft at the coffee table anymore. Although, I do love sitting in front of the TV while I scrapbook.


My name is Andrea said...

awesome! it looks so great and probably feels so good to have it organized!

Janette said...

Dude, I have that cabinet ... you were right!

Janette said...

Nevermind, mine has a drawer. They're very similar.