Saturday, February 2, 2008

Tagged Again

Okay, Andrea and Janette told me that I basically tell everything on my blog so do I really have to do this??? 10 Random things about me, hmmmmmm.

1. I have to clean my ears with Q-tips daily. My mother cautions me about this all the time. I am beginning to wonder if I am a little OCD.

2. I walk and talk in my sleep like no one else. Every time I do this Dylan makes fun of me while I do it, he says that he is just trying to figure out what is going on, but he really does make fun of me while I am vulnerable. I'm really bad when I am stressed out. You can always tell when I have sleep walked because my robe will be at the end of the bed or I will be wearing different clothes. For some reason my mind won't let me sleep walk in my underwear.

3. I love ironing. I rarely do it, but I love to do it. It is very rewarding to me. I worked for One Hour Martinizing all through high school. On Saturdays, when I was the only one there, I would bring in my Levi's and iron them. I know I am a freak, but nothing beats a crease in your trousers and a crisp pressed shirt. The reason I don't do it now, is because I get stressed out because I want to finish all the ironing in one shot. Since that is virtually impossible, I put it off and do it only a few times a YEAR. Yes, I said a year. I need to get over my OCD and iron just a little everyday.

4. I am the queen of embarrassing moments. You name it, it has happened to me. I'll share one of my best embarrassing moments with everyone. My third year at girls camp I had got up early in the morning to beat the lines to the shower. My best friend and youth leader came too. Our showers were in a seperate room attached to the bathroom by one door. One of the showers faced the door leading to the bathroom. I just so happened to be in the shower facing the door. As I showered I realized that I had forgotten my shampoo, my best friend offered her shampoo, but she was in the shower at the opposite end of the row. My youth leader stuck out her hand and grabbed the shampoo and handed it too me. I proceeded to wash my hair and when I was finished went to hand the shampoo back to my friend. Unfortunately my youth leader didn't stick out her hand this time and I kept reaching, of course it was slippery cause I was all wet and soapy. You can only guess what happens next, I fall out of the shower, against the door to the bathroom, by this time every girl in camp is waiting in line to use the shower and I am laying on the floor naked. The only thing I could do was pull myself up and say, "could you please shut the door." Talk about embarrasing. It hurt too. You think that is bad, I have way worse ones too.

5. I would take a bath over a shower any day, maybe because of my traumatic shower experience. No, really I love to take baths, I feel I get more clean that way, and it is way more relaxing.

6. I play the piano, but I have a really hard time playing in front of others. My whole body shakes and so does the piano. At one piano recital, the grand piano literally scooted across the room while I was playing it. Thats how bad I shake.

7. I love public speaking!!! I can't play the piano in front of other people, but I could address a crowd of 1 million and it wouldn't faze me. I would love to be an EFY speaker or something like that.

8. Until, I was 16 years old I wanted to be the First Woman President of the United States of America. It was at 16 that I finally decided I would rather be a mother. Probably a good idea since it looks like somebody might beat me to the punch.

9. I love Days of Our Lives. I have cut my soap viewing drastically, but if I get a chance I will sit down and watch it.

10. I am a very emotional person. I can cry at the drop of a hat. I get these crazy ideas in my head and have myself convinced that everyone in the world is against me. When in all reality its just me sabotaging myself. Dylan still can't stand how emotional I am, he was raised with all boys and thinks people shouldn't have or show emotions. This is certainly a struggle in our marriage.


Brianna said...

Wow, we have a lot in common. I am a q-tip freak. Unhealthy addiction really; I think the ear needs a little wax for protection, but I'd rather eat toe nail clippings than have ear wax.

My name is Andrea said...

it is freakish how alike we are...
Qtips, YES!!
Baths, YES!!
I don't mind speaking in public if I have a script...
You can iron my laundry! I love the laundry part!

Janette said...

I'll have to tell you my most embarrassing moment someday. We're totally alike on that one! lol.

kira lee said...

i'm with you on the bath thing.