Saturday, March 8, 2008

If This Doesn't Inspire Me

. . . I don't know what will. Yesterday, i told Claire to go put some pants on, she decided it would be funny to wear mine. When she held them up I didn't find it so funny. This was the wake up call I needed. I need to get my big butt in gear.


Janette said...

a. your child is the size of a small green bean

2. I think it would have been a cuter picture if Claire was actually wearing your jeans

d. I need to start walking again ... outdoors ... the treadmill is driving me crazy. Wanna go?

Sarah said...

yes, yes, yes. . . she was in my jeans, they're just so huge, you can't tell.

Janette said...

Okay ... she has them on backwards so it doesn't count. lol.