Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Photo Journal in a Nutshell

Brace yourself for a months worth of pictures in no particular order. Claire loved spending time with her papa. This was at the Municipal Park in Boise. We had fun taking pics at the MK Nature Center, just wish I had someone else taking the pictures other than m e.
Claire was really good on all our flights.
The was at La Caille in the Salt Lake Area. If you ever get the chance go!!!
Playing with Grandma at the Park
"Blue Pop" tongue
Claire loved the fish at the nature center.

Two full weekends of tennis= windburn and sunburn

I had a blast redecorating Keisha's room for her graduation gift.

We also had a very memorable day at Keisha's graduation.

We are sooooooooo, glad to be home and get past all the junk and move on back to our regular lives. If I even remember what that is. :D


My name is Andrea said...

Did you eat at La Caille?? $$$

Love the blue tongue, it makes her beautiful blue eyes POP!

Sarah said...

yes, we ate there and some expensive steak place the night before with half the Utah Jazz sitting at the tabel next to us. those Rager boys have expensive taste. too expspensive for me!!!

Chella said...

Cute pics of Claire, cute room make-over, but I didn't see any pics of you?