Thursday, July 10, 2008

Through Claire's Eyes

since i have been spending so much time with janie's camera claire has felt it her obligation to make sure mine is getting used. this is what i found today when i turned it on. keep in mind this is only five of hundreds.

of course there would have to be a picture of The Jelly Shoes

great job documenting daddy baking!

time for a pedicure

oops, how did i let that one get in there? thanks claire you always know how to capture my best look :(


Chella said...

I love the wide eyed Clair picture. She took some great ones and so nice of her to take one of you so you could post it. BTW - cute new bag.

Ryann said...

I love that you have so many pictures lately. I get a sneak peak into your life!

Janette said...

Sarah, you're so cute!