Saturday, August 23, 2008

Double Dip

If you live here
you haven't been
See here for more :D


Kendra said...

I've so been here. I love love love custard. Mmmmmm. Just so you know, they have these tiny little baby cones for like $.80 cents. They don't put it on the menu. My kids love the garage feel and the water that sprays outside.

Bethanne said...

Every time I drive by it we talk about trying it some time...and haven't ever done it yet. Out of the mouth of two witnesses...I guess we have a trip to make for FHE tomorrow!

Janie said...

My butt can attest to the fact that I have so been there... too many times!

Chella said...

Cute pic! I miss you guys. I got lost in the blogosphere from your link and found out about the girl in the plane crash and you guys releasing balloons. So sad.