Saturday, October 25, 2008

Insightful and Well Written

I highly recommend reading this. I truly believe that our values will continue to be challenged. Will we follow what is "politically correct" or will we stand strong for what we believe in, regardless of how we "look" to our peers?


Chella said...

wow, i can't believe i made it through that post. it was great. well written, thought provoking and you can really see how quickly we could be at Z. he definately needs this published for others to read. i have talked to my friends in cali and it is a heated issue, but how can we mess with God's eternal plan and not have things get all messed up!?! thanks for sharing. i miss you sarah and think of you often..hoping that things work out for you and your trials will be turned into many blessings! [sending hugs]

Amber Hooten said...

Wow! That's all i have to say. He put how I feel into words that I cannot express like that.