Monday, October 20, 2008

Rager Family Update

This last week was wild and crazy. I enjoyed a morning at the pumpkin patch
with Claire and her Preschool. It was a very chilly day.

She is such a cutie and her little personality keeps us busy :D

The next day we enjoyed a photo session with the fabulous Janie.
I am totally in love with these pics.

I included this last pic because it was taken the first weekend in May of this year.
I have been losing weight since the middle of July and this is my before and after pics.
I am so pleased with my results and Dylan's. Because of my concentrated effort to be healthy, my family is reaping the benefits also.
Almost thirty pounds down and a little more than thirty to go.

One last update.
We are still holding our breath on Dylan's job.
This last week was supposed to be our last paycheck.
Yet, he's still working.
We have no idea when the store is closing.
The stress is driving me crazy!
I have to say thank you to the fabulous friends who have been my life support and sanity.
I have been truly blessed.
I love my Texas family.
I miss my Idaho family.
Things are going to work out. Right?


Tranquility said...

Beautiful family photos!

Juli said...

I love your pics. You look beautiful as always. Janie did a great job. I'm going to have to see how much she charges.

Sarah said...

juli- she charges $75.00 for an hour session and includes a disc of all your photos-- you get your photos printed yourself-- she has pretty good connections to getting reasonably priced photos ordered online.

shahna said...

What beautiful pictures. Janie's talent is astounding. What a beautiful family!

Yes, Sarah things work out. You and Dylan can get through anything TOGETHER. I know it.

You are a really excpetional person and you have an exceptional family and you will rise above this and anything else life throws at you. THAT is something you can bank on.

Williams Family said...

I love your pictures. Congratulations on the weight loss. I hope I can take your motivation and use some for myself.

Texas Lisa said...

I love the photos! You are so inspiring. What a beauty! :)

Jess said...

Sarah, you look amazing. I love the pics!!! Things will work out. They always do...even if it's not what we expected, right? And I completely agree with the "I love my Texas family. I miss my Idaho family" part :)

kira lee said...

you look great!!!
and beautiful pictures janie!

mary elizabeth said...

first of all, i LOVE your sassy bob! so cute!!

second, these pictures are fantastic!

and third -- WAY TO GO on having a healthy lifestyle, you look amazing! :D

Janette said...

Things always work out!! AND, if for some reason, for the first time ever, they don't ... we'll all be in EXCELLENT company!!! lol.

BEAUTIFUL pictures!!! You and your family look amazing!!

The Taylors said...

What a beautiful family! Your little girl is so cute! Good luck with everything!

Melissa Jones said...

Such fabulous pictures! As always, Janie did a superb shoot. I'll keep y'all in my prayers! Everything is going to work out.

Melissa Jones said...

Such fabulous pictures! As always, Janie did a superb shoot. I'll keep y'all in my prayers! Everything is going to work out.

The Moose said...

THANK YOU for motivating me to STEP AWAY from the computer and go take a good long walk! You look AMAZING my dear - just AMAZING! I am so happy for you and your new found freedom. I bet you hold your head up higher and smile more often :) Things ALWAYS work out, Sarah --- you have faith in Him, and His grace is all you need.

Jessica said...

Beautiful family photos!!!!! and Sarah, you look great, good job, I know that takes a lot of work and effort!!!!

Juli said...

Thanks for the info Sarah!

Chella said...

Beautiful family pics! You look really great, congrat's on the weight loss.

Amanda said...

YOU look AWESOME!!! Way to go on the weight loss! Janie's pictures are amazing:) I am glad he is still working--for now.

Bethanne said...

Love the photos BTW...they are beautiful!

And, I have noticed the past few times that Ms. Claire is Ms. Popular in class...she is much loved and much admired.

We're praying for you and the job situation too. How nerve-racking is that! You must be pretty strong for Him to challenge you with such trials!

Andrea and Chuck said...

Sarah I am finding all my long lost cousins. I love the blog world for this reason. You look incredible and have even inspired me. I hope I can soon post just as amazing photos. Hope to hear from you!

Bree said...

Sarah, you look GREAT! And who is Janie?? We need a family pic!

Hey, please let me know if we can help in any way... I have no clue how hard this must be with Dylan. If you ever wanted to get a job as a seamstress, I KNOW my studio would hire you in a heart beat!