Thursday, July 9, 2009

How The Heck Are Ya?????

We made the 30 hour journey!!!!

Only to have:

Yummy Pizza on the Grill!!!

One of my Faves!

Fireworks a few days late!

Happy times with crazy aunties!!!!

oh, and me and my big boob-- not a flattering pic, but its me and my sistas!!!
Despite not being able to load any of MY pictures, I have posted for all ya'all!!
We are having a blast and time is flying.
See you in a few!
To all you Texas ladies, the weather is FABULOUS-- warm days and cool nights!! oh, I have missed this :D


ChellaJ [Rachelle] said...

I was going to tell you how good you were looking. Skinny, except the boobs of course. ;)

Lisa said...

Looks fun!

Chris, Sarah, Madi, and Jax said...

I feel ya on the cool nights! I was loving them in Utah. That's probably the hardest thing about Texas summers- it never gets cool, ever, even at midnight.