Thursday, July 2, 2009

Our Little Piece Of Heaven

While packing today I had one of those moments only a mother knows. You stop working and realize the house is quiet, immediately a worried feeling begins to creep over your soul, and immediately you wonder, "great, what are they up to now?" I sat and listened quietly to see if I could figure where Claire was and what she was doing. I heard happy chatting and discovered the following.
Bet you didn't know our guest bedroom has turned into the Lego room.
These are all Dylan's Lego's from when he was a kid. Initially, he got them out once a year, just to reminisce, I think. The last time he got them out, Claire wanted to play.

To begin with he would only let her play with them when he was there. As you can see, she has now taken over. And every little boy that comes over seems to find our little treasure trove. I love that Claire and Dylan can sit in their for hours building and talking and doing something together.


Amanda said...

So cool:) I bet P loved that:) And I am sure you have a fortune in Lego's there!

Janette said...

I need some Sarah. I miss you. :(