Friday, July 31, 2009

She'll Be Coming 'round The Mountain. . .

Claire will be home tomorrow!!!
Some might wonder what we've done with ourselves while she has been gone.
1. Take two classes
2. Apply for SBA loan
3. Find the perfect retail property
4. Go to the temple
5. Get turned down by the SBA
6. Work on our jungle of a yard
7. Fall in love again
8. Watch dumb summer programming
9. Take my 1st trip to the cannery
10. Sleep in
11. Enjoy my hubby
It's nice to know that we are still in love, sometimes its hard to remember when you focus so much on a little one. We love her to pieces and are so happy to have her, but we love each other more.
Okay, enough of the sappy-- we had a great week and are excited for her to come home :D


Bali Top Holidays said...
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Andrea and Chuck said...

sounds like you have had a fun couple of weeks. Love the picture she has the prettiest eyes! I am glad you enjoyed the alone time it good to have once and awhile

Amanda said...

LOVE the picture!!!!!! And sorry about Dylan's loan:( Glad you guys have had a nice "honeymoon":)