Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Break Adventure--- DAY 1

We are officially staying in
Just 20 minutes from
The AlamoStill one of my most favorite places to visit.
Even better with
Dylan and Claire this time :D
Not that I didn't enjoy it with you too Janie!!!
(If I remember right we spent our whole trip wishing our husbands' were with us)We had a very exciting riverboat tour.
Our boat broke town 2x, we crashed into the edge 2x and I got crapped on 2x by a bird.
Very eventful wouldn't you say!!!It was even more beautiful than I had remembered it.
There were Christmas lights hung from all the trees!!!!My last trip to San Antonio Janie wanted to stop here, and we missed our chance. For future reference don't.
It's just an over priced gift store.
With a really cool sign.
The shop on the basement level sells drug paraphernalia.
Of, course Dylan discovered that.


Janie said...

good to know about the five and dime. I though our riverboat tour guide was an awesome driver. You must of got the new guy.
I do want to take Kyle there badly. Enjoy it!!!

Brianne said...

Hahaha! Sounds like a very exciting trip so far. What are the chances of getting pooped on twice on one boat tour???