Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fairies, Fertility, and Food

Last week I wrote about Claire and her loose tooth. She complained about it for over a week and Dylan and I kept telling her to just pull it.
She was deathly afraid.
I remember being that way too.
Finally, yesterday, after getting home from a ROOT CANAL, (ugh) I had had enough of Claire's whining about her tooth. I told her to let me see it. Being the mean mom I am, I reached in a pushed the dangling tooth backwards. Claire freaked, and the tooth got stuck sideways in between her other teeth. Blood was pooling in her mouth. We ran to the bathroom (because of course I didn't have enough foresight to pull this stunt in the bathroom), to mop up the blood with a Kleenex. She let me clean up the blood and finish the deed. When she finally saw the tooth she cheered. "Yea! I lost my tooth." When we asked if it hurt, she said no, that she just thought it was going to hurt.
She was excited for the tooth fairy. Dylan was too. The tooth fairy came early, before Dylan and I headed off to bed.
At 1:45 a.m. I awoke to Claire staring in my face. I was totally out of it because of the pain meds from my dental procedure earlier that day. Claire began crying. She was afraid of the tooth fairy. She said and I quote, "I felt a tickle on my bum and I know it was the tooth fairy." Dylan and I both chuckled. Dylan took her upstairs to her room to look and see if the tooth fairy came. Claire lifted the pillow and found a dollar. All was well, and we all got to go back to sleep.Surprisingly, the Tooth Fairy was not the only Fairy discussed yesterday. Not only did I have the pleasure of having a root canal on my day off, but I also had my yearly exam. The nurse mentioned that she was the Fertility Fairy for Halloween this last year. I thought this was a bit strange, but I also secretly wished she were the Fertility Fairy. Heaven knows I would love to rub shoulders with one of those. That being said, we are starting Clomid again. It's been awhile. Pray for us!!!!

Finally, Food. Do you like the menu I found prepared by Claire? This kid amazes me. She is reading and writing very well. Much better as a kindergartner than I did in second grade. Dylan and I are constantly in awe of all she knows.


Erin said...

Why is it always the mom's job to get the tooth out?! That's such a funny story about her first tooth fairy experience. Good luck with the Clomid and the fertility fairy. I'll be praying for you!

Brianne said...

Yay for Claire! Or maybe I should say yay for you since you did the dirty work. That pesky bum-tickling tooth fairy... how funny! Sounds more like the fertility fairy to me ;) Good luck with that! I'll definitely say a little prayer for you!

My name is Andrea said...

NOT my job to pull out teeth. And sadly, the tooth fairy hands the kids a dollar when then hand me, ahem *her*, the tooth. Sad I know.

And I'll say a little prayer that the fertility fairy finds you. I'm laughing at Brianne and can't think of anything funnier to say, except something nasty about bum tickling. So I won't....

Janie said...

Ok that almost made me puke - you pushed it backwards??? UGH.

I am one mom that can attest - loose teeth is NOT my job. someone pooping in the bathtub, yes. But teeth - I won't do it. I don't even look.

Cheers for the fertility fairy!!!!