Saturday, February 6, 2010

We are still here. . .

Last week community helpers visited kindergarten each day.
Claire came home with amazing stories about the amazing helpers in our community.
You would not believe the excitement she shared when she got to meet the real tooth fairy
and be flossed with her magic dental ribbon. :0)
Oh, to be five again.
The excitement has resulted in her first loose tooth and better brushing.
Yesterday was the 100th day of school
Does Claire look like a hip 100 year old or what?
I was so excited that it was the 100th day of school I got sick and had to come home.
Just in time for the weekend.
Oh, the joys of being surrounded by infinitesimal germs daily.
As you can see, I'm still here, with 76 more days of school left.
It's gone by so quickly ;)

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My name is Andrea said...

It's fun to see you on here every once in a while...I miss you!! Claire is as cute as ever...tell her to stop growing.