Sunday, June 20, 2010

{Happy Father's Day}

I don't know much about my biological father. I don't remember him at all. He passed away before I turned two. A few things I do know:
*He was a carpenter
*He served his mission in Germany
*He married my mother in the Ogden Temple
*His birthday was in December???? I think

*He was raised on the Washington/Idaho border
I really need to sit down with my Mom, and my Aunts and Uncles and gather more info.

My mother remarried when I was four. I remember being little and praying for a new dad. Unfortunately, like most children, when I got one it was a hard adjustment.
It wasn't until I was an adult, that I fully appreciated the man who became my father. Looking back I am amazed at how blessed we were, and how those prayers really were answered.

It's not until you are a parent yourself that you truly appreciate all the sacrifices made on your behalf by your parents.
A few things I know about my Dad:
*He is the best Grandpa I know-- when he calls you should see the smile on Claire's face and hear the conversations
*He would give you the shirt off his back
*His favorite place to sit when we are all sitting around chatting-- lying on the floor-- this is a Cleverly trait, as I have seen his brothers do it too.
*He served his mission in Bolivia
*He still speaks Spanish fluently
*He always has a secret stash of candy
*He ♥ Boise State Football more than anyone I know
*He grew up in Nampa, Idaho
*His birthday is January 14th
*He loves pulling weeds :D
I could go on and on. One more thing I know for sure. I know my life has been truly blessed because of him.

Last but not least. My husband. While he is always trying to pull the "man card" around here, he is exactly what I was looking for when it comes to being the father of my daughter. The teasing and screaming in delight I cherish each day. My girl knows her daddy loves her. I am so thankful for that. As far as what I know about Dylan, ooh let's see. I know more juicy details than one could ever want to know. All you need to know, is that I am one lucky lady to have him as my husband.

Happy Father's Day!!!!


Eliza said...

Aw, I totally have memories of your dad laying on the floor while we all just sat around and talked, good times. :)

Janie said...

who loves pulling weeds? seriously...
weeds? really?