Saturday, June 19, 2010

{Maiya O.} You My Best Friend

This little girl melts my heart.
From the first time she told me,
"Sister Waygr, you my best fwend."
There was about a year straight
that I heard this from her
on almost daily basis.
It was always the always the highlight of my day.
One of my fondest,
but least enjoyable memories of Maiya
was when
She willingly allowed
Claire to coat her in vaseline.
That's a true friend!!!

So, for her 5th Birthday
I decided she needed something special from me.
Thanks Maiya for being
My BEST Friend.


Amanda said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that quilt! So sweet;)

kira lee said...

aww...i miss having them call me aunt (pronounced ahhhnt) yaya

Janie said...

she looks like a baby in that vaseline pic.
I remember her crawling up in Dylan's lap and just chillin there when we had dinner at Merediths that one night.
Its hard to believe she was a baby when we moved here.
Thanks for being her best fwend and making that beautiful quilt!!!

Brooke said...

Such a beautiful little girl! That first picture. . . wowzers!

And ditto to Amanda's comment. LOVE!

Is that brooklynn in the background?