Saturday, July 3, 2010

{4th of July}

I would have to say that
this is one of the dreariest
Independence Days
I've ever seen Despite the 95% humidity
(Its 77 but feels like a very wet and sticky 97 degrees)
We managed to
have a nice breakfast at the church
participate in the
neighborhood parade
All before noon

Do you think there will be any fireworks this weekend???
Or will it be too wet???
Have a great
{4th of July}
Wherever you are!!!


Amanda said...

luv her snaggle tooth;) Yep--it's a wet far we've done P's basket ball game this morning and my family is about to come over for our get together....but the kids won't be playing out back getting all wet and sandy today. Hope you get to see some fireworks:)

Janie said...

ok I don't 'do' teeth, but let me pull that sucka...

you know what we've done all day - re-organizing rooms and closets sucks.

I am kind of glad things are dreary, has kept our kids from whining while we work.