Monday, July 5, 2010

Claire's 1st {Sewing Project}

If you know my kid
you know her favorite phrase is
"What can I do now?"
(I've seriously heard it at least five times while writing this post)
So to keep myself sane this summer
I religiously read
steal every single ideaLast week one of the ideas was pillow making
and then the next day was embroidery
two things I ♥ 'd when I was a little girl
I just didn't know if Claire was old enough to do this

While the embroidery was not too hard for her
it did not captivate her attention
(i had to do most of the embroidery--
i think i was around 10 when i started liking this stuff)
she did love drawing her own design
and choosing the colors it would be

She also loved choosing her own fabric
whatever she wanted
I think she did a great job matching her room
and the Cat fabric is soooooooo her
She was most excited about getting to use the sewing machine
this was the hardest part for me
there is a reason
five year olds are not allowed to drive
heck, I don't know how she rides a bike
she does not know how to watch where she is going!!!!!
She did love using the sewing machine
and course
she is the BEST pillow stuffer in the world.
Great Job Claire!!!!!


Janie said...

ok so I dreamed about this craft - I did these framed of all my kids names in their own handwriting and hung it in the gameroom

kira lee said...

wow, good job claire! i don't think i could even do that!