Monday, August 23, 2010

Back to School Feast and. . . .

Main Course : Grilled Chicken w/Lemon Basil Pasta-- to die for
Drink: Archer Farms Sparkling Peach Cider
Dessert: Dimples Cupcakes-- heaven in your mouth!!!!

Told you I was C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!!!


Brianne said...

Looks delish! That chore chart is the cutest thing ever! We really need a craft night at your house soon so we can learn how to be as cute as you!

Nancy J said...

You take 1st place for the cutest chore chart. That chore chart makes me wanna go vacuum or dust (almst). LOL

Amanda said...

food looks divine:) u chore chat is so so cute!!!!! But it stresses me out just looking at it! YIKES;) I guess I feel better about doing laundry, dishes, dinner, trash, bills etc....if it's not written down telling me I have to do it:) Hee, hee:)

Janie said...

very, very cute!
I hope you had a great day (and Claire too)
I keep meaning to pick up a bottle of sparkling something to toast baby's arrival whenever that day comes, that flavor sounds perfect!!!