Saturday, December 18, 2010

{A Big Sigh Of Relief} Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Christmas break is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, feel free to ask me, like everyone else, what I will do with my self for two weeks.

First, clean the filthy pigsty that's known as my house. (No major cleaning has occurred since hosting THANKSGIVING!!! EEEW GROSS!)

Second, finish my shopping. I've been at a loss for Dylan-- HELP!!!! He wants a Wii or something similar and I am the GRINCH when it comes to gaming.

Third, spend much needed time with Claire. Think she's been feeling a little neglected lately.

Fourth, cook dinner--- a rare occurrence lately. (How did my life get so crazy?)

Finally, RELAX!!!!!!!!! READ!!!!!!!!!!! and even make some CRAFTS!!!!!!

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Wardleigh Family said...

I am going to promote in Dylan's favor on this one. We love our Wii. We have so much fun playing the family sports games and exercising on it. I was totally against a gaming system as well and I love our Wii. I actually think it promotes kids to get some exercise and it helps me to get it as well Have a Merry Christmas!