Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I'm A Winner!!!!

If you hang around my blog much
You know that I ♥
I love to change my blog background
almost as much as I like to change my underwear.
Seriously People!!!
When I heard that Megan from
Designed the Nie Nie calendar
it was like hearing my best friend
baked me a
chocolate cake with chocolate frosting
Are you following me?
Anyhoo, I ordered one up as a Christmas gift
and had a really hard time giving it.
So glad I did,
because I found out I won one of my very own today.
Wooo Hooo!!!!!!!
If you haven't checked out
Do it!!!
They are awesome
she is always giving away freebies
nothings better than free
am I right or am I right?
:D Happy Day, Happy Day


~ B. said...

Hooray! That's so cool!!! I enter giveaways a lot but never win! I'm glad someone I know finally did! :D

My name is Andrea said...

Yay!! Congratulations...you TOTALLY deserve it! While you're on a roll, shall we go in on a few lottery tickets? :)

PS I miss you too.

Janie said...

That is so awesome!!
and you always have the cutest header and I have the same one for years and years and years
I am so boring