Thursday, January 13, 2011

January {12 of 12}

1. The amazing Texas sunset on my drive home
2. It was a cold night and so nice to have a fire.
3. Dylan was having scouts at our house and I was banished to my bedroom with laundry to fold.
4. Claire practicing for her spelling test. (I try everything possible to keep it fun.)
5. My favorite piece of furniture right now. I have the most amazing husband.
6. My artwork in the pantry.
7. Fruit #3 for the day.
8. Claire and I finishing her book before bed.
9. Fruit #4 for the day
10. Claire playing with our white elephant handcuffs
11. I ♥ my ipod. I know its old-- I had a student remind me of this today :D
12. The reading that I am now subjected to. Whatever it takes to get this kid to want to read on her own. She loves being read to but lies about reading by herself. AHHHHH!
I completed my first 12 of 12. See you February 12th!!!!
For more info on 12 of 12 see here


Amanda said...

P doesn't care to read on his own either. he's a good reader, but hates doing it...unless he reading a yu-gi-oh card;) We had read the whole Magic Tree house series. Love it:) We are now reading Third Grade Detectives.
Love ur furniture....So lucky:) If I did this 12 of the end of my day it would not be that clam, pretty or include fruit:) Hee, hee. Love your 12:)

Lee said...

What a wonderful capture of your evening :) Nice! Looking forward to February.

kira lee said...

cute idea!

~ B. said...

My daughter had a hard time with learning how to read, but don't worry ~ she won't grow up to be an illiterate adult, I promise! ~ the awesome thing is she loves books you read her! She'll get there!

Hey btw, I just gave you The Stylish Blogger award because you are amazing to me!