Saturday, October 15, 2011

Back to Blogging. . . and some {NEWS}

My favorite picture right now.

It is officially time for me to get back in the saddle with blogging. Big changes are and will be happening around here and I'm going to need an outlet during the whirlwind.

It has been just a little over 5 years since we arrived in Dallas. From the moment we arrived we knew this is where we belonged. It just felt right. During that 5 years that feeling has been confirmed over and over again. We knew we were supposed to be here, despite the weekly phone calls from family pleading for our return to Idaho. Texas is the place for us right now.

Last February we got the moving itch and started looking at houses. We found a few in our area that we loved and we got a little excited. After talking to our realtor and discussing our future plans we decided to put things on hold. Selling a house in a saturated market is no fun and not really worth it, unless you absolutely have to do it. That was our mutual consensus.

BUT, the moving itch didn't go away. It kept nagging.

Then, Dylan got bit by the "I don't LOVE my job" bug. Bless his heart, he has been doing some nasty stuff for the last year and a half, and he felt like it was worth it because he could move up and make a name for himself. But the moving up opportunities just weren't appearing. So, he casually started looking elsewhere.

All the while, these feelings of needing to move just keep pestering us.

A week and a half ago Claire and I were on our way to support my 8th Grade boys playing football and I got a life changing phone call from Dylan.

He said, "well are you ready for our lives to get even more complicated?" My remark was, "what now? do I need to come bail you out of jail cause you've gotten one speeding ticket too many?" --- If you only knew ---

"No, I just got off the phone with Steve (his boss' boss) and they are offering me a regional manager position over all of the East coast and they want us to relocate immediately."

I immediately thought, "oh, heck yes I have always wanted to live on the East coast."

"It is a mandatory move to HOUSTON." :( EXTRA LARGE frowny face for me.

The LAST place on Earth I have EVER wanted to live.

A week and a half later, and lots of fasting, praying, temple attending, phone calls, flights to Houston, and more fasting and praying-- it just feels right.

There was no resounding YES or NO but {CALM}

Surprisingly calm, which is amazing because I am the queen of freak out. I've even been blessed with glimpses of why things have happened in the past to prepare us for this. Even more I have been blessed with {PEACE}.

I'm still figuring out how Claire and I will attempt to face the remainder of the school year here, seeing Dylan only a few times a month, and packing up all of our {CRAP}.

Or, how we will sell our house, when there are 3 houses for sale on our street already, and our house is a total mess that has been neglected while I have worked full time for the last 2 1/2 years.

Or, how will we ever find a place as great as our little slice of heaven here in Dallas.

Despite these fears, I continue to know that it will all work out and this is what is in store for us.

Our adventure continues and I am totally excited to see where it takes us.


Eve said...

I love moves! - We've got another one coming up here ourselves. ;)
Congrats to your husband on his promotion too!!

Nikki said...

SARAH! Oh my gosh!! Ok, I'm so happy that Dylan got such a fabulous job offer but so sad you guys are leaving!!! We will miss you guys for sure!

Janie said...

I'm so sad. And happy for changes, but sad for me...

~ B. said...

Wow! How exciting! Everything will work out because you're doing what you are supposed to be doing it sounds like! Keep that calm peace in your heart! That's what I keep trying to tell myself about our potential move to Brazil ~ scary and life changing, but it is where we feel we are being led to, so... :D

Bethanne said...

Sarah, like everyone else...I read this with mixed emotions. I am SO happy for your family. But we will be really sad to see you guys go...