Sunday, October 30, 2011

Week In Review {10/24}

Doesn't he just melt your heart.

I can't say enough how much I ♥ this little guy.

This week was full of fun and a few tears.

1. Dylan leaving Sunday afternoon to start his new job in Houston. Surprisingly the week ran rather smoothly and we loved our evening updates and scripture study with him on the phone. I have a feeling the next 7 months are going to fly by. He loves his new job and is enjoying learning the ropes and taking on new responsibilities. He is so grateful for this opportunity.

2. Claire and her kitty, kickin' it Hollywood style.

3. Claire "pretending" to be a diva (doesn't take much there) for Hollywood day at school. I love how its Red Ribbon week the week before Halloween. All the dressing up each day really gets me in the Halloween Spirit.

4. Scout was stripped of his manhood this week. We all hate seeing him with his cone and we spent the better part of Saturday trying to keep it on him. No matter how we put it on, he would find a way to get it off. This is the part of being a pet owner that I have always dreaded. :(

Dylan did get to come home this weekend. We spent Saturday taking care of business around the house. Cleaning, moving furniture, re-caulking the shower, changing filters, finishing up projects that he had to get done for other people. We won't see him until the weekend before Thanksgiving, when we meet up in Corpus to spend the weekend. It will be a long three weeks, but hopefully the time will fly.

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