Monday, August 13, 2012

{Idaho} Baptism, Babies and Fun!

First stop. . .
Photo-op with Buster Bronco

We had a great trip to Idaho this summer.  Our purpose in going was threefold. 
1.  Claire's Baptism
2.  Meet my new niece Hazel
3.  Family Reunion

Sweet Claire getting ready for the Baptism

The baptism was fabulous.  So many friends and family came and it was great to see everyone.  As a parent you are never really prepared for these "mile marker" moments.  Before I know it this little girl will be a young lady leaving for college.

My sister Kira had a sweet little girl a few months ago.  I was so excited to finally meet this little lady.  She really made me wish I lived closer so I could snuggle on her often.

Claire and Hickory

Claire's wishes and dreams were fulfilled.  My mother arranged with a friend for Claire to do a little horseback riding while we were there. 


Claire had time to play and visit with my cousins girls and she was in Heaven!!!!  I spied these two out in the grass sharing secrets.  My heart melted!!!!

Cute little diner before we went to the airport
Finally, before we went to the airport my dad took us to this cute little retro diner, close to where Dylan and I had our first apartment.  Wish I would have discovered it 12 years ago.  Great food and cute little old men drinking their coffe!!!

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