Monday, August 27, 2012

{Back to School} Things rarely turn out the way you plan.

 If you would have told me last year at this time that I wouldn't be going back to school this year, I would have laughed in your face.
  Things definitely did not follow what we thought was the perfect plan.  Move to Houston, I would find a job for this school year, we would buy a new house and start back to a life very similar to what we were living in  Dallas. 
Instead I have no job, we are still in a very small apartment and I just sent my only child off to school. 

I am excited that I got to come home and start the laundry and have morning television on that does not consist of the Disney Channel. 

My husband is not excited that I am not working and "contributing" to our goals. 

I know there is a reason things have not turned out the way we have planned, I just wish I knew what the reason was. 
I can hardly believe this little girl is 8 and starting third grade.  We had many fabulous adventures this summer and she was a bit hesitant to go back to school.  Especially since it was a new school with new people. 
Last week I asked her why she didn't want to go back to school and her response was, "because all you do is sit around and be hungry all day." 

She was very courageous this morning. 
Times are a changing.  We are ready for whatever hand we are dealt.  Bring it on!!!!


Amanda said...

It sounds like u are having a great attitude about plans not going the way u wished. I hope Claire's first day turned out better than she thought it would!

kira lee said...

hang in there, last winter when i was too sick to work, david lost his job and we were living off his minimum wage movie theatre job i never thought there was going to be a light at the end of the tunnel. i never thought in a million years we would be where we are today but i am so happy i am! heavenly father knows what is best for us and sometimes it takes trials to get us there! love you!!!