Sunday, March 24, 2013

Celebrating and Remembering the Life of a Great Man


I found out this evening that my dear sweet grandfather passed away.  My heart aches, but I am so happy that his pain is now gone and the worries of this world are now behind him.

In December, my mom had us send her memories we had of my Grandfather to present him for his birthday.  I am so thankful she had us do this.  To honor his memory I want to share those memories with you.  This is the grandfather that we visited on almost a weekly basis, who I grew up with and learned so much from.  This man truly changed and influenced my life. 

Memories of Grandpa

As I typed up this list it occurred to me that so much of who I am is because of all the things I have been taught by my grandfather. I am so thankful to have a grandfather that I was close to who could love me and teach me all the following things, thank you Grandpa!!!

Teaching me how to tie a fly on my line

Teaching me how to fish

He was with me when I caught my first fish

Teaching me which spring was safe to drink out of and why

He made the BEST latrines for camping. . . Almost as good as being at home

Gave me my love for the outdoors and camping

Introducing me to Bear Creek. . . where I discovered magical kingdoms full of mushrooms, boat races, and houses made of rocks

When Nathan and I were little and we would go to Grandma’s house during the day, I remember him coming home for work and telling us we better be good or we would get a kick in the britches. . . we would just laugh. We thought this was so funny, but we were scared too.

I remember playing in the yard while Grandpa irrigated.

I am amazed that Grandpa built not one, but two houses during my lifetime.

I grew up believing that if ever there was something that needed fixed, Grandpa could do it. From crown molding and pantry shelves to young women’s projects and baby cradles; Grandpa could do it!!

I remember Kira or Keisha trying to drive the van and getting it stuck in between the air conditioning and the gate. Mom called Grandpa, he came all the way from Meridian to assess the damage. Miraculously he unstuck the van. I don’t even remember there being a scratch on it when he was done.

Grandpa always has the best stories.

One of my dreams has been to sit down with him and a video recorder to capture his oral history. I’ve always wanted to ask and record a million questions regarding life growing up in Boise, and WWII, and what it must have been like raising a family in the 60’s and 70’s. That’s the nerdy historian in me!!!

I loved hearing his stories about driving a milk/bread truck and getting his teeth knocked out.

Grandpa has the best sense of humor. He always told us silly little things that would make every little kid giggle. Like, what was did the mosquito say when it hit the windshield? Owwie!!! Or, I think I have a case of TB. . . what’s that Grandpa??? Tired Butt.

***Just this evening before we received the news of his passing we were eating J-ello for dinner.  As we ate I mentioned to my daughter a memory I had of him,
"Hey Claire, you know what Grandpa Great calls J-ello???" 
"What mommy?"
"He calls it nervous pudding!!!" 
She quickly scooped up a spoonful of J-ello and watched it wiggle on her spoon all the while giggling.  Grandpa was always good for a silly joke or a funny story.  I sure will miss him.

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